Stories for the Sensitive Child

Stories for the Sensitive Child

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This story collection is intended to reassure, soothe and give practical tips to our more sensitive children (and their parents).  It is especially useful for children who have trouble with sensory integration, visual or auditory over-stimulation, touch sensitivity or are simply very aware of their surroundings.

Ages 5+

About the Stories

"Leo the Hermit Crab"

From Sparkle Sleepytime 

It is about a young crab who needs a bigger shell. He feels cramped, uncomfortable and vulnerable in his current shell, but has to wait until a more appropriate shell is available. When the thin, small shell finally breaks, and he is temporarily without any shell at all, his parents are determined to get him what he needs. This story is for children who have a sensitive sense of touch and often feel uncomfortable in clothes and in their environment.

"The Mystery of the Diamond Gnome"

From So Many Fairies

Valo is a crystal fairy who lives happily in the earth — until one day, her world changes and she is suddenly "born" above ground. She is startled by the swirling waters of a river, the brilliant sunshine, and all the smiling faces of grass pixies, tree elves, and dew nymphs. She is overwhelmed to be sure. But over time, and with the help of her new friends, she relaxes and makes this world her new home. This story shows sensitive children that they are not alone, and that in time, it will get easier.

"Animal Games"

From Martin & Sylvia 

This story is about how brother and sister try to help their babysitter, Ellie’s, little sister with a challenge. The girl wants to attend a performance in the town hall but she is sensitive to bright lights and loud music and crowds. Martin tells her he used to be the same way – and then he and Sylvia demonstrate the fun games they play that help them both feel relaxed and solid before any big event. This story employs practical exercises that help sensitive children feel comfortable in their bodies.