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Looking over your shoulder? Has your trust disappeared? Feeling like those in charge are not looking out for you? These stories will help build back your resilience, calm, and confidence that you truly are safe and the world is good. 

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Helpers" from our Helping & Healing Handy Toolbelt of Stories collection

Dennis is a happy little six-year-old boy who wakes one morning to see his mother listening to the radio in the kitchen. Dennis can tell that something is wrong and that his mother is feeling sad — and maybe a little scared. She explains that something happened, a big storm moved through a town, and buildings were damaged and people were hurt. When she sees that this is making him feel nervous, she scoops him up and tells him that all the people on their street, in their neighborhood, and in their town want to make sure that he, Dennis, is safe.

“But you know what, Dennis?” his Mother asked, raising her eyebrows, “It is time for us to be the helpers. There are people that are feeling scared right now because a storm came to their house. Our house is fine and so are we. Are you ready to be a helper?”

This story is helpful for children who have experienced a natural disaster (and is inspired by a great Mr. Roger's quote).

"Leo the Hermit Crab" from our Stories for the Sensitive Child collection

“Leo the Hermit Crab” is from the Sparkle Sleepytime series. It is about a young crab who needs a bigger shell. He feels cramped, uncomfortable, and vulnerable in his current shell, but has to wait until a more appropriate shell is available. When the thin, small, shell finally breaks and he is temporarily without any shell at all, his parents are determined to get him what he needs.

This story is for children who have a sensitive sense of touch and often feel uncomfortable in clothes and in their environment.

"The Mystery of the Diamond Gnome" from our Stories for the Sensitive Child collection

Valo is a crystal fairy who lives happily in the earth — until one day, her world changes and she is suddenly "born" above ground. She is startled by the swirling waters of a river, the brilliant sunshine, and all the smiling faces of grass pixies, tree elves, and dew nymphs. She is overwhelmed to be sure. But over time, and with the help of her new friends, she relaxes and makes this world her new home.

This story shows sensitive children that they are not alone, and that in time, things will get easier.

"The Tender Dragon" from our Being with Fear Stories collection

A young dragon is afraid of everything. This mystifies his mother and father who are both prominent dragons in the community. Only when he is brought to a fire doctor do they understand that the tender little dragon needs to thicken and harden his scales first before he will be ready to express all the fire that lays sleeping in his belly.

"Gargoyles" from our Martin & Sylvia collection

During a trip into town, Martin sees a crew of workers installing some big stone goblin-looking sculptures on the front of the Town Hall. He learns that long ago the stone goblins, which are called Gargoyles, were often placed on buildings to ward off anything scary. Martin thinks that a Gargoyle might be just the thing to help protect him from his new fear of noises in the night.

This is a story about facing night-time fears, but using something that is traditionally perceived as being "scary" to find courage. So the topics of night-time fear and "scary things" run throughout.