So Many Fairies Halloween Story

So Many Fairies Halloween Story

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This collection is a So Many Fairies story in three parts. In the stories, we follow Henry, a first-grade boy who wishes he were an elf.

Ages 5+


About the Stories

"Halloween Story: Part One"

Henry is a creative, delightful boy who would very much like to be an elf. When the Halloween season begins, he throws himself into preparation, for this year he will get to try on his elf-ness! He also meets Brie, a classmate who invites him to trick-or-treat in her neighborhood. On Halloween eve they immediately see that this is no ordinary Halloween: Henry-the-Elf and Brie-the-Cat discover a "story house," and the adventure begins.

"Halloween Story: Part Two"

What an experience they had with the first story house! The story they heard invited them into a whole magical world that was a little-known part of their town's history. They find a second "story house," and they learn that once upon a time, the fairy life was very rich in that neighborhood — and sometimes the fairies showed themselves to people!

"Halloween Story: Part Three"

Henry and Brie conclude their Halloween story adventure by finding a third and final "story house." There they meet a butler, descended from generations of butlers that have passed down the same wondrous gift: they are able to grant a wish. By the night's end, the two new friends' imaginations have been inspired, and they each make a wish that opens up a world of possibilities.