By Thistle By Thimble

By Thistle By Thimble

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Find magic in nooks and crooks, in baskets and burrows, and on seemingly ordinary back roads and side streets. Listen to the quiet whisperings of the heart. Attend to what nature teaches. Discover the secrets sung on the wind. This series of original adventure tales will open your eyes to new places and characters from around the world and times gone by.

Ages 6+


About the Stories

Autumn Season includes: "The Sweetgrass Basket," "The Tin Cup," "The Goldsmith Who Knew How to Fish," "The Carousel Painter," "The Gentle Woodsman and the Final Fall Phoebe," "Mrs. Hartwig and the Golden Talons," "The Wizard's Words," "The Thimble, the Stein, and the Lantern," "The Milkweed Lady and the Monarch Marble Man," "Anne of the Long Window," "In the Woods," "The Gift that Traveled Around the World," and "The Middle of the Night"

Winter Season includes: "The Oath of Brothers," "The Lamb's Wool Blessing," "The School House," "The Road to the Old Stone Chapel," "Birdland," "The Cellar in the Woods," "Tibby and the Fifth Virtue," "The Fool's Son," "Horse at Play," "Sister's Sword," "The Baker's True Home," "Riches or Wishes," and "Set in Stone"

Spring Season includes: "What's So," "The Thief," "The Secret of the Redwings," "The Barber King," "The Royal Burden," "Lady Jovial," "Grit and the Glover," "The Woman Who Moved a Mountain," "The Navigator," "A Bird in the Airport," "Good Morning Magic," "The Blanket," and "Times Gone By"

Summer Season includes: "The Cello Maker," "The Sickleman's Riddle," "The Log Dancer," "The Dollmaker," "Camp Over the Hills and Far Away," "Onatah's Table," "The Secret of Schuyler Springs," "To Be a Catcher," "Fit for the King," "The Council of Fools," "Purple," "Message in the Sand," and "The Fort Keeper"

Sample pack includes: "Jack Tar's Brave Day," "The Invisible Red Thread," and "Slops and the Princess"

For more details on the stories, check out their full descriptions here