Windward Ho! Upbound Down Under (Book Two)

Windward Ho! Upbound Down Under (Book Two)

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In this second adventure in the Windward Ho! series, Polly and Bonny, the two adventurous Australian twins, are once again at odds with each other when they suddenly find themselves smack in the middle of another pirate journey. Magically transported onto their beloved ship, the crew battles a raging storm only to be pursued by a vengeful captain of the British navy. How will these brave girls escape their peril? This time around, the sweet gifts of sisterhood will lead them all to safety and resolution.

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Bandicoots"

Polly and Bonny are having a rough time getting along lately, can another adventure on the Windward be the solution to their problems?

"Episode Two: Cyclone!"

Suddenly back on the Windward, the crew fights together to battle a raging storm — all the while Polly and Bonny engage in their own, sisterly battle.

"Episode Three: Cloud Cuckooland"

In the midst of the storm, Polly allows herself to be magically upended into a new world — Cloud Cuckooland — where she learns a valuable lesson about paying attention.

"Episode Four: Warship of the Royal Navy"

Having escaped the storm, the Windward crew observes a British navy warship engaged in battle with an unknown pirate ship. What will they do?

"Episode Five: Captain Finnigan's Story"

The Windward has been boarded by the infamous Captain Finnegan who begins to tell them of the vengeful plans on his mind.

"Episode Six: In the Crow's Nest"

Alone on the abandoned Windward, Polly depends on the help of Reg the Koala as well as a few others to rescue the rest of the Windward crew.

"Episode Seven: In the Brig"

With most of the crew locked away in a cell, times look bleak — until Harriet reveals her secret plan for escape.

"Episode Eight: Soft Attention"

The reunited crew of the Windward rejoice together … until they realize that their pursuers have not yet given up. Can they escape the Captain’s clutches?