Windward Ho! High & Dry (Book Three)

Windward Ho! High & Dry (Book Three)

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In this third adventure in the Windward Ho! series, Harriet, the Windward’s quartermaster, is experiencing some self-doubt amongst her athletic and competitive family members. How might she find a place where she can excel? As Harriet reflects on her time on the Windward, she wonders if her leadership might truly shine in the role she still dreams of: the ship’s captain. Through a series of mysterious events, Harriet finds herself in a position of authority around her friends — and learns not only what true teamwork looks like, but also finds a role in which she can be her true self.

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Before Dawn"

Harriet wonders what would it be like to be captain of the Windward. It takes just a moment for a magical event to lead her to a new adventure where she might just find out.

"Episode Two: Desert Island"

After assessing the state of the Windward, Harriet decides to explore the island — and discovers that she is not alone.

"Episode Three: All Hands on Deck"

With the help of a couple of unlikely deckhands, Harriet does some investigating on the ship and discovers new information.

"Episode Four: Captain and Quartermaster"

The Windward crew is together again. But who will lead? Harriet wants to prove she can be captain.

"Episode Five: S.O.S"

Tensions begin to rise as Harriet’s team question her leadership — but they quickly band together when they stumble into a potentially dangerous situation. 

"Episode Six: Hidden Room"

Val’s mechanical genius shines through as the crew members strategize about their next steps, and a set of technical plans uncovers a secret room.

"Episode Seven: Impressions"

As the captured girls march through the forest, a mysterious force takes shape, imprisoning their captors and freeing the girls in a most unexpected way.

"Episode Eight: Playing Possum"

With the crew divided and unaware of each other’s movements, the situation looks grim — until elements of secrecy, deception, and a flair for the dramatic conspire together for the benefit of the Windward.