Windward Ho! Fair Winds and Following Seas (Book Six)

Windward Ho! Fair Winds and Following Seas (Book Six)

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Meet Fiona Murphy, the missing member of the Windward crew. Like with the other girls, The Windward Chronicles book series holds a special place in Fiona’s heart. On her tenth birthday, a beloved gift launches her into a magical, whirlwind pirate adventure — quite a distance from the Windward where she belongs! She hears of the mysterious “Windward Girls” but seems to always be a few steps behind them. Will she be able to unite with this group of friends? Fiona will have to follow the following seas to find out!

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: The Birthday Present"

Coming from a family that loves sailing, it’s no surprise that Fiona Murphy loves the Windward Chronicles.

"Episode Two: The Otherworld"

When Fiona’s mother reminds her of the magical quality of Halloween she finds herself in a dreamlike adventure unlike anything she has experienced before.

"Episode Three: The Surgeon's Assistant"

Fiona’s experiences in the world of the Windward grow more vivid. Is it a dream or is it another world?

"Episode Four: How to Catch a Monkey"

Aboard Captain Finnegan’s ship, Fiona proves invaluable to the ship’s surgeon and unexpectedly helpful to a stowaway monkey.

"Episode Five: A Foolish Choice"

Rumor has it that her Windward friends have been captured and Fiona sees it as her duty to effect a rescue.

"Episode Six: The Guide Will Find You"

When Fiona returns to the world of the Windward, she takes her mother’s advice and looks for a guide — someone to show her the rules of life in this place and, perhaps, the way to find the Windward.

"Episode Seven: Not the Plan"

Fiona settles into a comfortable pattern that includes a life in Port Harmony.

"Episode Eight: So Close"

Fiona finally meets with success in connecting with the Windward girls — and discovers an unsettling truth about the Baker in the process. What should she do now?

"Episode Nine: The Path Presents Itself"

Having lost track of the Windward girls, Fiona feels restless at home.

"Episode Ten: Charleston"

Partnering with Doc Phosphorus, Fiona is tasked with the creation of a sleeping potion … and decides in the moment to create a few extra concoctions of her own.