Windward Ho! Pieces of Eight (Book Five)

Windward Ho! Pieces of Eight (Book Five)

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Join us for a fifth grand pirate adventure as the Windward crew takes up the search for Fiona, their missing seventh mate. As they set sail and strategize, they cross an old enemy and end up with clues for hidden treasure! Can they search for the treasure and for Fiona, or will they have to pick one?

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Playdate"

Jessica figures out a way to have a conversation with Martha and Harriet together — during which they discover an unsettling piece of news.

"Episode Two: Finnegan's Return"

With their plans to locate Fiona on hold, the three girls need to decide what to do about these unexpected sightings of Captain Finnegan.

"Episode Three: Light in the Darkness"

The crew discovers themselves on the Windward, but in pitch darkness. They realize that Memet has been drugged with a sleeping potion.

"Episode Four: The First Clue"

After discovering a burning ship nearby, the crew puts out the fire and takes a few moments to search the ruined ship for clues to their next steps.

"Episode Five: How to Get There"

The Windward crew is presented with a choice: do they continue to seek and find Fiona? Or do they pursue the treasure?

"Episode Six: Pillars of Hercules"

As the Windward slices through the water, the crew begins to realize that the seas aren’t as easy to navigate as they had hoped.

"Episode Seven: Two Riddles"

Safe on Emerald Island, the girls encounter a mysterious guardian of the treasure. Fiona settles into a comfortable pattern that includes a life in Port Harmony.

"Episode Eight: The Problem With Treasure"

As the girls head out on their next quest to find Fiona, they encounter the Baker once again.