Windward Ho! Fore & Aft (Book One)

Windward Ho! Fore & Aft (Book One)

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When seven young girls win a day-long journey aboard the great pirate ship "The Windward" — a real-life model of a fictional ship — they never suspect the true Halloween adventure that awaits them on October 31. Nine-year-old Periwinkle “Wink” Mackenzie finds herself in need of all the information she has learned from multiple readings of her favorite book series, The Windward Chronicles. Tasked unexpectedly with leadership as the ship’s captain, Wink overcomes her shyness and learns to draw out the strengths of each girl in order to achieve their common goal: to return home safely.

Ages 7+


About the Stories

"Episode One: Periwinkle's Parrot"

Periwinkle "Wink" Mackenzie excitedly waits to purchase the next book in her favorite series, The Windward Chronicles, early on the morning of its release. She never suspects that receiving the new book will be only the beginning of an unforeseen adventure.

"Episode Two: A Gathering in Rockport"

After a month of waiting and study, Wink and her mother arrive in Rockport to claim their passage on the Windward sailing vessel. Wink observes her potential shipmates as they all await the signal to board. What will this journey be like? And will her mother be able to stay with her as she hopes?

"Episode Three: All Aboard"

Wink and her mother board The Windward along with the other finders of the Ruby Parrot bookmarks, where they perceive a variety of unique personalities in the group. More revelations ensue as they meet the author of The Windward Chronicles and learn the role that each child will play on the journey.

"Episode Four: Remembering"

Wink explores her cabin upon waking and discovers some curious details she hadn't noticed the night before. Wink's confidence in her ability to take the journey alone grows, but still she wonders — is it the right choice to leave her mother behind?

"Episode Five: Where Are We?"

The seven girls say goodbye to their parents as their journey begins. Billie Dabardalaben draws the crew together to give some special instructions ... but none of the children can anticipate what will happen as the sun dips below the horizon and the ship sets sail.

"Episode Six: Charting a Course"

The Windward is at sea, and trouble follows close behind in the form of a violent storm. On deck, the girls begin to sense the need for their leader to take charge. Does Captain Wink have what it takes to direct the crew toward safety?

"Episode Seven: Return of a Needed Friend"

Troubles mount as the crew begins to understand their remote location, the risk of the storm, and the limited time they have to find a solution. Captain Wink begins to feel uncertain of her leadership skills — but finds relief when an old friend appears.

"Episode Eight: The Hidden Cabinet"

Seeking a way to protect themselves from the approaching storm, Captain Wink finds valuable instruction in an unusual book. Meanwhile, the crew begins to sense their need for breakfast, and a series of suspicious events leads them to wonder — is there a thief in their midst?

"Episode Nine: Storm Winds and Stowaways"

As a plan to weather the storm is set into action, the girls find their skills tested. Are they up to the task? Can they follow Captain Wink's directions? And who is the adorable stowaway that Martha finds in the galley?

"Episode Ten: Pirates!"

In the midst of the storm, the girls spend time belowdecks building their friendships through stories. Once the rain clears, they emerge again, only to find that a new problem awaits them: pirates!

"Episode Eleven: Ninety to North"

After a series of adventures, the crew is ready to head back to their families. Will they be able to follow the mysterious directions in place for returning to Rockport? And what will happen to their friendships once they find themselves at home again?