Sparkle Car #06: Expeditions and Discoveries

Sparkle Car #06: Expeditions and Discoveries

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You've got a family car trip ahead, and it may be a long one. What to do with the little ones? Sparkle Car! This monthly series features hour-long collections of original stories mixed with traveling verses, songs, and fun car games. We know excellent audio stories can make family travel times fun — and so much easier!

Ages 3+

About the Stories

This episode of Sparkle Car features:

An original story from our Junkyard Tales series: "In Search of Mr. Flinch"

There is an autumn tradition in the Junkyard called "Sorting Day", where all the animals get their houses in order before the leaves fall and important junkyard items can suddenly disappear. In preparation for this, the special day ends with another tradition called "Find the Missing Thing" where something goes missing and the mice must find it. They so look forward to it but are disappointed this year because nothing seems to be missing that is until they realize that what is missing is not a thing but the old possum, Mr. Flinch!

"The Dignified Walking Sticks" by Clara Dillingham Pierson

Walking stick bugs walk around the meadow thinking rather highly of themselves until they learn a lesson in humility that one can look dignified in certain circumstances and rather foolish in others.

A folktale from Yugoslavia called "The Pigeon's Bride"  

When a king's daughter falls in love with an enchanted prince, she must travel the world with iron shoes to find him and break the enchantment.