Saturday Sparkle: Spring Season

Saturday Sparkle: Spring Season

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Remember Saturday morning cartoons? We would wake early to catch our favorite shows and start the weekend with fun and fancy. Many parents are looking for a similar time “off” on Saturday morning, but are careful about media content. They want to offer only high quality material to their children. Here's the perfect Sparkle Series for Saturdays, with engaging games, songs, verses and classic stories from around the world. 

Age 7+


This is a collection of 13 spring stories, for the 13 weeks of spring.

Messy and Muddy

This week’s fun includes a messy story from Romania called “The Enchanted Pig”, a "beauty and the beast" type of folktale where the pig is not what he seems to be — as well as a some messy verses and a car game called “Soggy Trip”.


This week's "wise fool" stories come from Italy and Germany, including "Simpleton" and "The Brave Little Tailor" as well as some "foolish" poems and verses.


This week’s fun includes transformational stories from Norway and England called “Charcoal Burner” and “The Swan Maiden.” Also included are some springtime poems and an Easter recipe called “Goldenrod Eggs.”


This week’s stories come from West Africa and Spain; “The King of Birds” about how a very small bird uses cleverness to become King, and “The Bird of Truth” about a talking bird that convinces a king that the tailors children are actually his own. Also included are some fresh spring verses.


This week’s stories of inspiration come from Denmark , Italy and England: “The Flying Trunk”, “Tarendando” and “The Small Toothed Dog”. Also included are some fresh spring verses and songs.

Old and New

This week’s stories are very old and come from Hungary: “Tritill and Litill” is a story about the how kindness and generosity is returned to a gentle third son of a king, and “Lovely Ilonka” about the enduring love between a prince and a maiden hiding in the bullrushes as well as a springtime tale called “The Water Drop.”  Also included is a car game called “Spot it Story”.

Big Dreams

This week’s story is a long and exciting tale from France called, “The White Cat,” a variant of the "Frog Princess" story about valuing the gifts and service of something you think is one thing, and is actually something very different.  Included are some dreamy springtime verses.

There for You

This week’s stories all feature mothers who make great sacrifices for their children. “Felicia and her Pot of Pinks” comes from France and “The Wonderful Birch” comes from Russia. Included are several motherly verses.

Tiny Things

This week’s story is from France and is called “Dindonette and the Fairies Blunder”. You will recognized themes of “sleeping beauty” in this long and dynamic fairy tale. Included are several verses featuring “little things", as well as a fun forest game called “Eagle Eye”.


This week’s story is from France called “The White Doe”. Themes of friendship, carelessness and loyalty weave through this long and dynamic fairy tale. Included are several verses about friendship as well as the classic game “Kick the Can”.

The Thread that Connects

This week’s stories include a tale from Russia called “The Norka” about a simple boy who travels to magical lands and battles a beast to save his future wife, and a story from Japan called “The Cat’s Elopement” about two cats destined to be together. Included are several magical verses as well as a classic back yard game.

Working Together

This week’s stories include an Italian version of the three pigs called “The Three Goslings”, and a ‘grass is always greener’ style story from Japan called “The Stone Cutter”, as well as a tale from Africa called “The Jackal and the Spring” about how all the animals work together to maintain a spring — except the Jackal. Included are several late spring verses as well as a classic back yard game, SPUD.

Adventures Near and Far

This week includes three stories: a "Jack tale" from Southern Appalachia called “Jack and the King’s daughter” about the wily attempts to make the princess laugh; a story from Switzerland called “The Hairy Boy” about a boy looking for his father; and a silly tale from France called “Drakestail” about a duck looking for repayment from the King. Also included are several lovely Father’s Day verses.