Stories for Overwhelm

Stories for Overwhelm

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"Overwhelm" is a collection of three stories about sensitive people managing the stresses of a busy, fast-paced world.

Ages 4+


About the Stories

"Newberry" from Junkyard Tales

This story features a little mouse named Newberry who is celebrating his second birthday. Although Newberry's friends and family are excited about the spectacular birthday event they have planned, the little mouse prefers things that are small, quiet, and slow. Luckily, one of the junkyard friends notices this and creates something special that matches Newberry's speed.

"Fluffs the Worried Squirrel" from Sparkle Sleepytime

In this story, Fluffs and his brother are surprised when their father announces that humans are preparing to build homes in their forest. He says that it will be a transition for them, but that living with people has many benefits. The rest of the family is excited but Fluffs is quite nervous. He doesn't like the noise and activity that comes with humans — that is, until his father comes up with an idea...

"Teeny Tanya" from By Thistle By Thimble

Teeny Tanya is no bigger than a thumb. Like the "Tom Thumb" story, Tanya has a great adventure in the big world, and she learns some important lessons and skills. But unlike Tom Thumb, Tanya's brother and parents also have a lesson to learn.