Being with Fear Stories

Being with Fear Stories

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"Being with Fear" is a collection of three stories that address common childhood fears from three different perspectives.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Everyone is Afraid of Something" from Junkyard Tales

Sergeant — the steadfast watchdog — doesn't want the other animals to know that he is afraid of lightning. Ben Thompson, clever cat and Sergeant's best friend, finally approaches him and makes room for all the junkyard animals to share their fears together.

"Chickens" from Martin and Sylvia

Sylvia's new friend is afraid of the chickens in Mr. Brown's farm. Everyone rallies to make sure all the chickens are in the coop and then Mr. Brown shares that he used to be afraid of dogs. When he then talks about how he met his own fear with patience and little steps, Sylvia's friend feels brave enough to try it herself.

"The Tender Dragon" from Sparkle Sleepytime

A young dragon is afraid of everything. This mystifies his mother and father who are both prominent dragons in the community. Only when he is brought to a fire doctor do they understand that the tender little dragon needs to thicken and harden his scales first before he will be ready to express all the fire that lays sleeping in his belly.