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Emergency Rest Time Tool Kit

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In our fast-paced world, full of after-school activities and screen time, rest time is needed more than ever to reconnect with ourselves and our loved ones. Here are some of our favorite stories to help your family rest and relax.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"A Year to Build a Day — Introduction to a Day of Rest" from the Martin & Sylvia Day of Rest collection

Christmas is over and Momma is backed up with work. Daddy is frustrated because their wood pile hasn’t been stacked and he isn’t sure when that is happening. Guests are coming and children are tired and it all seems a bit too much. And then, Momma is given a present that introduces a new idea to the family: A Day of Rest.

"Tip the Wilson's Snipe" from the Sparkle Sleepytime collection

Tip wants to fly — to be specific, he wants to winnow, a special kind of flying that the grown up snipes are able to do. He tries and tries and finally his mother and father agree to teach him the first step — if he agrees to rest. "Rest is just as important as work," says his father — and Tip realizes that his father is right.

"Hucho the Panda Cub" from the Sparkle Sleepytime collection

Hucho the panda cub is big for his age and sometimes other pandas think he is fully grown. When a young male panda challenges him to a contest, Hucho isn't sure what to do and he tries to hide in a bamboo grove. His mother eventually sets things right and Hucho is able to do what he loves best: munch on bamboo with his fuzzy big head resting in his mother's lap.

"Strawberry Slushy Siesta" from the Martin & Sylvia: More Adventures! collection

It is strawberry-picking season where Martin and Sylvia live, and this time of year is filled with tradition and special treats. Martin starts to feel competitive about the amount they are going to pick this year, but the high temperatures give him and his family an unexpected gift — a rest!

"Go-to-Sleep Fairy" from the At Home With Martin & Sylvia collection

Martin is grumpy — he simply hasn’t been getting enough sleep. He explains to Momma that he is just not sleepy at night. Everyone has some advice, from warm milk to special stories, but it is his sister who saves the day (or night!) with her delighful introduction to the go-to-sleep fairy.