How to Be Super: The Bridge Between (Book Three)

How to Be Super: The Bridge Between (Book Three)

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This twenty-story, third part of the How to Be Super series focuses on Selena, one of the four initiates who joined Dante in his training and mission to join The Violet Crown.

Selena, however, has chosen to represent the opposing side: The Titans, or Giants. How could that be? Does she know something that the Olympians don’t?

In this series we see how Selena came to be the incarnation of Gaia, the most powerful of all the gods and goddesses and how she attempts to bridge the gap between the Gods and Giants. But there is a group she has not considered yet – a group more powerful than either she or Dante realized…

Ages 9+


About the Stories

"Part One: The Prophecy"

In which we learn of the bedtime story Selena’s grandfather tells her every year when her family travels south to San Antonio. She loves her grandfather and feels tenderness for the story which seems to be entirely for her. But on March 30, the day of her twelfth birthday, she is shocked to see details of the story begin to come to life. Everywhere she looks, she is reminded of her grandfather’s bedtime story — and an interaction with a curious woman at a bus stop shows her that she may be playing a much bigger role in the story than she thought.

"Part Two: The Triple Goddess"

In which Selena closes out her school year by meeting the docent of the Elisabet Ney Museum — the same docent that sent Dante on his big adventure — only Selena can see that the woman is far more powerful and ancient than anyone knew.

"Part Three: The Hippocampi"

In which Selena connects with her new friends and is able to finally relax and let others hold the weight of responsibility she has always felt. That is, until she learns from a human version of an ancient monster that one of her dear friends is going to betray her.

"Part Four: The Wild"

In which Selena encounters the wild and free Artemis who encourages her to pay close attention to a particular lesson from a particular trainer. She does, and what she learns from him both excites and terrifies her.

"Part Five: We Are Here"

In which the spontaneous images Selena sees teach her a great deal about her friends and trainers — and she learns that “Doing Something Brave” is not at all what she thought it would be.

"Part Six: The Enemy"

In which Selena has a very challenging and tiring day on campus. By midday she feels like she has experienced two full days already and luckily encounters Mona who gets her a renewing smoothie to drink. She needs it because the rest of the day will be just as filled with adventure, revelation, and unfortunately, some bad news.

"Part Seven: The Betrayer"

In which Selena and her friends head to Barton Springs to supposedly help their friend Kate — but arrive to find out she has a very different plan in store for them. After Lance, Manny, and Dante learn important information from an oracle in the Springs, Selena approaches and realizes she has met this man before.

"Part Eight: Gaia’s Promise"

In which Selena not only learns for sure who her friends truly are — but that the reason why the oracle looks familiar, the reason why she can tell the truth about people, the reason why her grandparents felt so close to her — was because she was the current incarnation of the most powerful goddess of all.

"Part Nine: Lost"

In which everything seems to fall apart for Selena. After Dante stops telling her the truth, and she meets the incarnation of Pan on a bus headed south, Selena feels like The Violet Crown isn’t as organized as she thought. But after a battle with monsters and an introduction to the Olympians, Selena not only feels lost — but responsible for losing her friends.

"Part Ten: Taking Sides"

In which the stress and overwhelm builds so much that Selena finally tells her father everything that has happened. When she finishes, however, she is at first shocked and then strangely comforted by his response.

"Part Eleven: Disintegration"

In which Selena is finally able to visit with Lance, but learns that Bruce is also in the hospital. Bruce appears to be very sick but he assures her that she will see him again. When she sees Lance, however, he tells her that she had already visited. What is going on?

"Part Twelve: A New Alliance"

In which Selena writes a letter to Dante in hopes of connecting and finding an opportunity to be honest with each other. When she brings the note to Beelee, Dante’s mother, she discovers something that surprises … and frightens her.

"Part Thirteen: The Guest House"

In which Selena and her family finally leave Austin. Their plans, however, are immediately shifted when a fancy van shows up to take them to their new home in San Antonio — and the “guest house” is not at all what they were expecting.

"Part Fourteen: One Hundred and Eight Years"

In which Selena meets the person that will change her life more than anyone she has ever met — a person she has never known in her twelve years, but a person that, in a way, she has known forever.

"Part Fifteen: Seven Cities of Gold"

In which Selena discovers a book written in the early 1800s about the fabled “Seven Cities of Gold” and learns that they not only existed in southwestern United States, but in ancient Greece, Sumeria, India, and China.

"Part Sixteen: The World Tree"

In which Selena’s new friend, Squeaky, explains how the family system works for the Titans. Selena can understand this only when she organizes it into the image of a tree, with strong roots and branches all working together.

"Part Seventeen: It All Happened Before"

In which Selena and Squeaky meet not only with Uranos, but with the Titan of Memory, Mnemosyne, who tells them a story about war — war that happened long ago, so many times … and war that will surely happen again.

"Part Eighteen: The Greater Good"

In which Selena learns a defining difference between the Gods and the Titans — that the families of San Antonio prioritize the greater good for everyone over benefits to individuals. This impresses her and helps her deepen her commitment to her family, to the Titans, and to her apparent destiny to lead them.

"Part Nineteen: Blue Hole"

In which Selena and Squeaky meet members of the subversive Titan families, Oceanus and Tethys, and learn more about the nature of conflict, war, and the importance of finding a new way of doing things — a way that involves the dragon.

"Part Twenty: The War Room"

In which Selena is invited to help the Titan families plan for the impending war with the Olympians. On the way to Hyperion’s “war room,” she learns from her father that her destiny and place is her own. He is a Titan, that much he knows — but she is free to decide which side (if any) she wishes to support.

"Part Twenty-One: The Inquiry"

In which Selena finally meets the heads of all the Titan families and learns what they have in place to defeat the Gods — but they need her help. They need information. Selena is in a difficult position: does she help them defeat her friends? Does she try to remain neutral? Or does she intentionally subvert the entire war?

"Part Twenty-Two: Titanomachy"

In this final part of the story, Selena, Squeaky, and Uranos join forces to subvert the war and try to enact a different ending. But when they make it to Goliad and are about to face the Gods and Titans, something completely unexpected happens which puts Selena, her friends, and her family in danger.