Mrs. Castlechanter's Magic Cabinet: In It Together

Mrs. Castlechanter's Magic Cabinet: In It Together

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The first day of school is just around the corner — but what will school be like this year? Oscar and Aliyah keep hearing about how schools are planning things differently this year because of a virus. With the help of their fairy friends, Oscar and Aliyah sort through facts and feelings about the worldwide pandemic — and learn some comforting and effective tricks for staying calm when life is changeable.

Ages 5+


About the Stories

"Part One: Making Decisions"

Oscar has been hearing rumors about ways that his school classes will be different this year and he does not like it. Will he need to do school by video? What about seeing his friends? As he talks these questions through with his elf friend, Ruben, he learns the truth about these decisions are made — and how even he can participate in the process.

"Part Two: Distancing"

All the talk about the virus has been making Aliyah feel worried. She misses her friends, but part of her just wants to stay home until it all goes away. As she wakes up one morning, her fairy friend, Emwen, helps her to see the magic of Hillwyn and a sparkly way to be close to her friends — even from afar.

"Part Three: Making Bubbles"

As Aliyah and Oscar enjoy their first visit together within their safe-circle “bubble,” they begin to discuss what school might be like. Who will be there? What will it be like? How will they experience closeness with friends? Oscar’s sister Olive joins in the conversation as they devise strategies for thriving through the uncertainties of new school changes.

"Part Four: Making the New What We Do"

It’s the first day back at school and everything feels different — no hugs, no touching, and lots of masks. But even with these strange new systems in place, Oscar and Aliyah remember their strategies for closeness and even learn a few new ones from their friends at school.