Martin & Sylvia's Family Tree of Stories

Martin & Sylvia's Family Tree of Stories

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Three generations of Martin and Sylvia’s family gather together for Sylvia’s first-ever dance recital — and Martin has an idea: “Let’s record stories about big events from everyone’s childhood!”

This audiobook will inspire your children (and you) to seek out and collect childhood stories from all generations — so they can not only see where they come from, but bring family lessons into their own life.

Six stories and over 2 and a half hours of audio.

Ages 3+


About the Stories

"Part 1: Family Orchard"

Sylvia is nervous about her first-ever dance recital. Martin needs a theme for a scrapbook project. When Gramma, Nanni, and Poppi come to visit, Martin is inspired to record stories about big events from everyone's childhood.

"Part 2: Momma's Story"

Momma's story starts with an idea to help baby mockingbirds stay dry and protected from storms and ends with meeting the new Governor of the State of Texas: Ann Richards! The governor had some words of wisdom that Momma has considered throughout her life. This is a story about how elders can show up when you least expect them.

"Part 3: Daddy's Story"

Daddy's story is about his year playing in Little League when his team made it all the way to the championship. For most of the season he was a solid hitter, but as soon as the playoffs began, Daddy became afraid of swinging. Luckily his father said just the right thing to get him to say "yes" to the game, regardless of the outcome. This is a story about how choosing to play can transcend both winning and losing.

"Part 4: Grandma's Story"

Grandma's story is about how she bucked tradition and chose a surprising theme for a Fourth of July float. No one stepped forward to help her, except her father who believed in standing up for what you believe in. This story is about the courage it takes to step forward and speak up.

"Part 5: Poppi's Story"

Poppi's story is about his first cub scout overnight camping, and how the troop needed to move their tents in the middle of the night. Poppi and his other tentmates were also faced with an additional challenge helping a boy who is too frightened to get out of his sleeping bag. This is a story about "the law of the pack" and taking care of your group.

"Part 6: Nanni's Story"

Nanni's story is about how she loved to sing to horses when her father, a large animal vet, was treating them. The horses always responded. When her father took her to the Kentucky Derby to treat one of the competing horses, a most incredible opportunity presented itself. This is a story about what magic can happen when you authentically wish to help others.