Dry Gables: Good Neighbors

Dry Gables: Good Neighbors

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"Good Neighbors," like the other two Dry Gables collections, is a unique series of stories centered around the people who live and work in a gold rush era small town in South Dakota. Each of the characters has their own reason for coming to Dry Gables and each offers an essential ingredient to the town's well-being. The characters embody different ways of being in the world — with unique behaviors, motivations, and fears.

The stories in our latest Dry Gables collection are offered in long-form divided into three parts — so you can save them for long car rides or times when you want to dive deep into Sparkle Land.

Ages 8+


About the Stories

"Get It Done"

The leaders of Dry Gables encounter various challenges as they try to make the town an official part of South Dakota. They find that working together helps them each accomplish their individual goals. (56 min)

"This is Our Moment" 

Seamus the town school teacher and theater director encounters resistance as he tries to enroll help from others to bring his favorite playwright to town to see the Dry Gables theater production. (50 min)

"For the People"

In the summer of 1895 a new political party called, "The People's Party," inspires citizens of Dry Gables to get involved in politics in order to steer the town in the right direction. (52 min)

"Weathering the Storm: Our Final Story Together"

John Bauer recalls the Great Schoolhouse Blizzard of the Dakota Plains and how the community pulled together to survive the storm using their own unique gifts. (33 min)